2013 Corolla

2013 CorollaRight now at Earl Stewart Toyota, we have a great special going on for the 2013 Toyota Corolla LE.  You can lease this attractive, affordable vehicle for just $129/month for 36 months.

The 2013 Corolla LE will give you 26/34 mpg city/highway with its efficient 132 horsepower 4-cylinder engine.  The LE also comes equipped with a 6.1-inch touch screen audio display to help makes things simpler for you while you focus on driving.

Don’t hesitate to stop by to test drive the 2013 Corolla LE; we want to make sure it’s the right choice for you, and if it isn’t, we’d love to help you find the right one!

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Toyota Maintenance Tips

The best way to keep your Toyota performing at its best is by performing routine maintenance, as well as following the schedule set in your owner’s manual.

Toyota came out with a small article featuring some easy tips that will maintain the efficiency of your vehicle longer.

Make sure you are using the right oil.  Oil with a different viscosity than what is suggested in your owner’s manual can lead to reduced efficiency.

Don’t forget about the filters.  Clogged filters, such as your air filter, fuel filter, oil filter…can severely reduce your Toyota’s performance and even cause damage to the engine if the problem persists long enough.

Use quality replacement parts.  The OEM parts your Toyota came with are used for a reason, so replacing them with Toyota parts or quality remanufactured aftermarket parts is the best way to keep your Toyota running properly.  Toyota also has suggestions for which replacement parts to use.

If you find yourself too busy to perform any of these services yourself, schedule an appointment with us and we’ll take care of them for you, no problem!

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Introducing the New 2014 Highlander

Earlier today at the New York International Auto Show, Toyota revealed the redesigned 2014 Highlander, and it is impressive.

The first thing you’ll immediately notice is the new, bold exterior.  While the word “bold” gets thrown around a lot, it fits very well here in accordance to the direction Toyota wants to take the brand.  The refined, elegant-looking exterior accommodates the upgraded interior very well, too.  With new tech features, more luxurious seating and more cargo space, the 2014 Highlander will attract active families looking for the right combination of luxury, capability, and value.

The new Toyota Highlander will be available this fall at Earl Stewart Toyota.

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One Price is Here to Stay

Have you ever considered how the dealership is one of the retail industry’s only remaining venues for price negotiation? We want to take haggling out of the equation, and makes thing easier for you by giving you the best possible price. We are please to announce that One Price is here to stay.

Earl Stewart Toyota believes in giving you a fair price, where you don’t need to be an expert or do hours of research to know what you should be paying, and then attempting to negotiate to that price. So if you’re in the market for a new Toyota, we invite you to stop by to meet our friendly, helpful staff and see the prices we have to offer.

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Understanding Tires

More than likely, we’ve all had to deal with a tire issue at some point in our lives.  While tire care may not be high up on your priority list, it is important to have at least a minor understanding of it.

Firstly, knowing your tire size: unless you happen to race, your tires will display three sets of numbers on the sidewall that look something like “xxx/yyRzz.”  The first two numbers are in millimeters, with the x’s corresponding to the tires diameter and the y’s corresponding to the tread height.  The z’s correspond to the wheel’s (not the tire’s) diameter in inches.  For example, a 235/50R17 tire has a width of 235 millimeters, a tread height of 50 millimeters, and fits on a 17-inch wheel (and the “R” stands for Radial).

Next, tire pressure: OEM’s will always list the stock tire size’s recommended pressure in the information displayed on the door sticker as well as in the owner’s manual.  It is important to remember that most tire manufacturers will list tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire, BUT, this is the maximum tire pressure the tire can handle, and it’s not recommended to be anywhere near that pressure.  For most cars, acceptable tire pressure can be anywhere from 25 to 40 psi, while SUV’s and trucks will have a slightly higher range.

If you think your tires need inspecting or are ready to be rotated or replaced, feel free to set up an appointment online or give us a call at 561-844-3461, we’d love to assist you.

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Toyota Going All-Out at Geneva Motor Show

It’s going to be a fun, busy week for Toyota.

The Geneva Motor Show began this week, and Toyota has a lot riding on the event.  The Show is generally known to be a forum for extravagant supercars as well as for new concept vehicles and introducing new vehicle trims.

Toyota has already debuted four vehicles: the RAV4 Adventure, FT-86 Open Concept, i-Road Concept, and the Auris Touring Sports (and yes, it is pluralized).  Collectively, this bunch really shows what Toyota is working toward now and for the future.

With more present initiatives like the RAV4 Adventure, a buffer-looking RAV4, and the FT-86 Open Concept, the convertible model of the Scion FR-S, Toyota hopes to be seen in a more stylish light in addition to its traditional attribute of reliability.  Then there’s the Auris Touring Sports and the i-Road Concept.  The former looks to us like a more sophisticated Prius, but with more room.  The i-Road Concept is a radical three-wheeled urban environment vehicle that might serve to be more of a catalyst for future technologies rather than a functional machine, but it is nonetheless unique!

We’ll keep you updated on all the fun from this week’s show, and invite you to take a glance at our current specials in the meantime!

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Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid Updated

Toyota Camry

The 2013 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid have upped the ante this year.  The seventh generation Camry, in its second year, comes with more features to complement its new exterior look.

More space, more materials, and more tech highlight the additions.  Comfort is the name of the game this year, and Toyota gave the 2013 Camry plenty of options.  Seating options vary by trim, but are relevant to the theme of each trim, like the black-on-black seating featured in the Camry SE.  Also available is Toyota’s Entune infotainment system.  Entune acts much like a smartphone or tablet.  By syncing with the driver’s phone, the system uses real time data as well as available apps to give the driver more up-to-date info as well as reducing distraction associated with display interaction.

If you’d like to know more about the 2013 Toyota Camry or Camry Hybrid, stop by Earl Stewart Toyota today!

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One Price


One thing that we take pride in is connecting with the customer, and being able to offer you the best specials that we can.

That’s why we’ve extended our absolute lowest price on every car with no dealer fee, and will also give you tires for life.  When you combine these offers with Toyota’s service program, Toyota Care, the result is satisfaction.

If you’d like to learn more about our specials, or our vehicles, we would love to lend you a helping hand.

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Buying, Leasing, and Servicing Your Car Is Governed by “Survival of the Fittest”

Lion Hunt
Buying, leasing, or servicing a car is in an “evolutionary time warp” compared with most other retail transactions. Buying an iPhone from an Apple store, a TV set from Target, or a dress from Macy’s is actually a pleasant experience. People shop in modern stores as a form of pleasurable recreation without any intention of buying anything. My wife, Nancy, and I go to Costco often on Saturdays, not because we have a lot to buy, but because it’s a pleasurable way to spend an hour or two. Contrast this with buying a car which many compare to having a root canal or a colonoscopy.
Flash back about 75 years in the retail evolutionary tree, and you have the “21st century” car buying experience. Everybody you deal with is paid a commission on whatever you buy…a car, service for your car, parts for your car, or financing or insurance for your car. This commission is directly proportional to how high a price they can coerce you into paying for the car, part, service, finance or insurance. Furthermore, everybody pays a different price for everything they buy. You might buy a new 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara today for one price and find out that your next door neighbor paid $2,000 less the following day from the same Jeep dealer you bought yours from! In fact, it’s almost certain that she paid a different price than what you paid. The price each of you paid depended on the buying and negotiating skills of you and your neighbor. The difference in price is also affected by the skill, ethics, and integrity of the car salesman and manager you dealt with.
Car salesmen, on the average, earn about 25% of the profit they make when they sell or lease you a car. The average profit on a new car is about $2,000 but this average is made up of wild variations from “zero profit” to $20,000 and even higher. You ask, “Why would a car salesman sell a car for zero profit if he’s paid on commission?” There are two reasons. First, some cars are “real dogs”, very hard to sell and may have sat on the dealers lot for months or even years. Salesmen are paid what is called a “flat commission” to sell these “dogs”, anywhere from $100 to $1,000. The second reason is that manufacturers often pay big bonus money to dealers for hitting a monthly objective. Toward the end of the month, dealers will also pay flat commission to salesmen so that they can hit their volume objective.
You may also ask, “How could a dealer possibly make a $20,000 profit on a car?” The most common way it by leasing a car and tricking the customer into thinking he is buying the car. A large down payment or trade in added to the normal profit on a lease can be gigantic and the monthly payment is reduced so much by the down payment that the unsuspecting lessor is not suspicious.  Sometimes people are talked into leasing by the salesman promising them that they can return the car at any time, just as if it was a daily rental. Remember that a salesman will earn a $5,000 commission on a least with a $20,000 profit.  Another way people are tricked into paying exorbitant profits when buying, is by dealers marking up the manufacturer’s sticker price with an addendum label. The dealer advertises that price as the “list price” or “sticker” price but what he doesn’t tell you is that it’s his sticker/list price, thousands higher than the manufacturer’s MSRP.
The same wild variation in price for the same products or services applies also to what you pay for service, parts, and finance and insurance. Your neighbor who was smart enough to finance his car with his credit union, can easily save $3,000 over what you paid in the dealer’s F&I department if you weren’t careful. If you allowed the “assistant service manager” or “service advisor who is really a commissioned service salesman to sell you unneeded services, you also paid more than your more careful, prepared neighbor.
As most regular readers of my blog, newspaper column, and listeners to my radio show know, my mission is to educate you so that you will be the winner in the contest between the car salesman, service salesman, and finance and insurance salesman. My frustration is that you’re probably already “survivors.” The mere fact that you read my blog and column and listen to my radio show proves that you’re trying to improve your skills and you are not overly trusting of car dealers who may be out to deceive you.  In other words, I’m “preaching to the choir” in a sense.
Last week I received a call from an 82 year old man who thought he had bought a new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe but found out when he drove it home he had signed a lease, not a purchase contract. The dealer made at least a $15,000 profit and the salesman made about a $3,750 commission. When he realized what they had done to him he brought the car back and offered the dealer $1,000 to take back the Hyundai Santa Fe and return his trade-in, a 2010 Santa Fe. They refused, saying “You signed the paper and you’ve leased a car.” I’m working with the elderly man now to try and help any way I can. I’ve spoken to the General Manager of the Hyundai store and am trying to get him to do the right thing. At this point, things don’t look too promising.
The problem is that there’s a group in our society that is, unfortunately, natural victims. They’re too trusting, not well enough educated, very young (first car purchase), mental faculties failing (maybe the last car purchase), and language impaired (immigrants). Unscrupulous car dealers and salesmen lay in wait for these victims just like a lion lays in wait on the Serengeti plains for a young or injured antelope. That’s why I used “survival of the fittest” in my title.
You can easily recognize the advertisements that are aimed at the victims. You’ll see or hear phrases like “We’ll match your down payment,” “We’ll allow you $8,000 over book for your trade-in,’ “We guarantee the lowest price.” “Bad credit or no credit is no problem,” or “$7,000 discounts on all new cars.” The victims flock into dealerships that run these ads like sheep to the slaughter.
Because I don’t advertise this way, I rarely see “victims” in my Toyota dealership. My customers are mostly well informed consumers and lucky for me, there are a lot of them and they are growing in numbers. I’ve grown to become the largest volume car dealership in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties. However, I must say that as a businessman and a humanitarian, I’m very sorry that I cannot sell cars to those who suffer the most, the victims of our society. But, I’m the proverbial optimist and believe that through better education and smarter, more compassionate regulation we will see the victims of our society minimized over the next few years.
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Earl Stewart Toyota Service Specials

Service Specials

Have you browsed our website specials recently?  Well, we’ve got some great service specials to offer you this month so you can make sure your Toyota is ready for your daily needs.

In addition to these great specials, we’re willing to match the price of ANY business’s specials offered, as part of our Price Match Guarantee.  We at Earl Stewart Toyota want to make sure you the person, not just the customer, are taken care of.

If you’re already chomping at the bit to schedule (hey, it happens…), then take this link over to our Scheduling page.


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